OTB's Friday Fiesta Linkfest

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Im calling the all-purple look vs. Georgia Tech in Week 2--GT defense will roll over in fear(or laughter).

I'm calling the all-purple look vs. Georgia Tech in Week 2--GT defense will roll over in fear(or laughter).

Welcome to the FFL for this week! Next Friday we will already have an ACC game under our belts!

The Wolfpack have been incited–they’re really going to kill the ‘Cocks now.

News out of Blacksburg is not all that promising and Coach Beamer is not exactly painting a rosy picture.

***Gobbler Country Section***

Clemson to win the ACC…and in football!

Speaking of Clemson, GC’s new writer discusses neutral site fail and the Hokies.

***End Gobbler Country Section***

Paul Johnson is happy.

Miami giving us an opportunity to RESPECT IT!(Absolutely horrible rap from start to finish, music too loud over the lyrics, of course the lyrics were pretty sucky too)

The Daily Progress previews the ‘Hoos’ backfield which will need to step up or they will be home for the holidays once again.


The real linchpin to any ACC Championship run is most definitely the O-Line for Clemson and this article is less than soothing on that front.

If you have a good half hour and have tolerance for gushy, orange-tinted writing, I would encourage you to check out RoadToTampaBay’s Clemson blogger and her post this week because it’s good stuff(and all the stalkers in the comments are worth the price of admission).

CUOrange does some projecting on C.J. Spiller’s season–all GT fans that were reached for comment on the piece said “Where’s Dwyer?!?!”

***Tiger Rag Plays Us Out And Not Bad Miami Rappers***

Clemson Tiger Rag(not the other ones)

Let’s make it through this last weekend without college football together, say hey to your family and stuff like that before the season hits…

What's Going On and Coming Up at OTB

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Football. Season. Here.

Football. Season. Here.

It is football season and we are cranking the volume on our coverage at OTB. The weekly schedule will go as follows:

  • Sunday-Monday- OTB’s ACC Power Poll

Will be bringing you the weekly OTB’s ACC Power Poll every week ranking and recapping the week that was in ACC college football.

  • ?- ACC Roundtable post

Whenever it comes around, I will be answering questions for the ACC Roundtable of awesome bloggers(it’s kinda funny that the spell check on Firefox doesn’t recognize that word).

  • Wednesday- Mid-Week Hype Machine

This weekly blog will give a little taste of each ACC matchup that week. Will be including links to the blogosphere/MSM(mainstream media for those without a working knowledge of such abbreviations) coverage that pertain to the matchups to that point in the week.

  • Thursday- Thursday ACC Pick’Em Post

Going to pick every ACC game, you the reader can take me on to see how much smarter you are if you like, I have a pretty fair ATS(you don’t need to know this one–bad habit) record too so I might add an extra section in there for that.

  • Friday- Fiesta Linkfest per usual

The weekly linkfest continues.

  • Saturday- ACC Football Saturday Night Live

Here’s my favorite idea of all, the basic concept is a post giving quick analysis and raving about the day that was in ACC football that is updated like a Twitter page without the 140 character limit. This is a blog community post as I invite you to talk smack, bemoan bad calls, and discuss your well-thought-out plan to fire your respective coach. I’ll post your comments into the post(or find some cool widget to carry out such a plan). It would just be a place to congregate for all ACC fans in the aftermath of gameday.


In addition to my masterplan at the site, I will be writing for the new Raycom blog network debuting this fall(think they are still looking for bloggers if you are interested). It launches in week 2 of the ACC football season to coincide with the first week of Raycom Sports’ ACC coverage which starts with Wake Forest/Stanford(see, I know how this thing works).

Thirdly, will be working for the Score Sports Radio out of the Upstate of SC this fall. Going to be working on production, lining up guests, and managing the Twitter feed(Could use some more followers!). So if you are nice to me, I might get you on the radio(and even if you aren’t–I’m a reasonable guy).

Football season is my favorite time of the year and I hope my ambitious plans for the fall keeps your readership and causes a strong urge to tell other people about this blog. Thanks for reading!

Why Is Boston College, Rodney Dangerfield?

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Cant see why BC is not respected...

Can't see why BC is not respected...

No respect I tell you. That is, for Boston College. What do these guys have to do in football to impress us ACC and college football fans. Win an Atlantic Division title? Well, they have done that twice. Have first round NFL talent? Try third pick overall Matt Ryan and top ten pick B.J. Raji in the last few years. Yet, we(and I say we because I am right there with you non-BC fans) continue to underrate these guys. I guess we could expect an ACC title, but we give Clemson, NC State, and Florida State respect in the division and they have not done much lately with titles.

Let’s venture to see why they are not respected…

Possible Explanation No. 1-The Yankee School

Analysis: They are the one school that is just way up there on the geographic scale. The other eleven schools all reside beneath the Mason-Dixon while BC is on that northern island. This hurts them media-wise because the Virginia, the North and South Carolina, the Florida, and the Georgia media are not going to know a whole lot about the Eagles. They make up 95% or so of the media covering the ACC on a daily basis. The Yankee school factor then trickles down to the fans in those states as they underrate the Eagles as just a passing fad. Wake Forest received similar treatment for a little while, but their regional placement has benefited them with more praise then what BC gets now.

Possible Explanation No. 2-Small School, Big City

Analysis: This is another media related reason as even in the city of Boston—it’s hard to find in-depth coverage of the Eagles. They are team number 8 or 9 in the hearts of Bostonians. It is a pro sports city. The only other ACC school that is in such a big metro area is Georgia Tech, but there is plenty of good coverage for them.

Possible Explanation No. 3-They Are Boring

Analysis: What is Boston College football? They play to the often chilly conditions of Massachusetts with a grind it out offense. They usually have strength on the lines which is used to over-power opponents with less strength(good example would be Clemson in the last few years—if not for Spiller, Clemson would have lost for a 4th straight year). My comparison for boring football would be found at Virginia in the ACC. They are receiving little-to-no hype also(but there is sufficient reason for that). It is kind of funny that both BC and UVA were looking at the no-huddle, Big XII offenses for inspiration in the offseason.

Possible Explanation No. 4-A Losing Paper Football Team

Analysis: For me, the usual outlets I use for research just leave BC lacking. They are never burning up the recruiting trail comparatively against the other ACC schools. The skill players don’t blow you away, but they produce. Even a Matt Ryan, who was a good ACC player, few thought he would light up the NFL like he did last season. The numbers just do not show how BC wins and that is okay. It is good to see a team just defy the odds and win in different ways.

Any other possible explanations as to why BC is so disrespected? This is a group therapy session so let it all out people…