OTB's ACC Power Poll: Week 4

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Beamer Ball!

Beamer Ball>ACC(again)

As we look at the ACC at the 1/3 mark, we still know nothing. Virginia Tech is back on top(again), the Atlantic is a mess(again), and Maryland blows(again). Let’s face it, the ACC has been really bad against every other conference(including the Colonial Athletic). Unless you really do indeed dislike yourself, continue to care about conference superiority(or inferiority), but I say root for a team and not a conference.

FBS Division of the ACC

Rank (LW)….Team……………………..Record
1)…(2)…Virginia Tech Hokies…………………3-1(1-0 ACC)
Had a bit of an uneasy feeling about this game for the Canes, but I was like–no, Miami’s offense is rolling–can’t possibly lose this weekend. The Hokies had everything going for them–weather, offense, defense, and of course, Beamer Ball! Virginia Tech is Freddy Krueger–they don’t die–they just come back in one form or another to haunt the ACC.

2)..(1)..Miami Hurricanes………………………2-1(1-1 ACC)
The Canes are far from out of it now and really just ran into a buzzsaw. They will be fine if they can shake the loss easy, but it will take some real mental fortitude. Miami just does not want to see rain for a while.

3)..(3)..Clemson Tigers………………2-2(1-1 ACC)
It was the defensive battle it was billed to be and once again like with the Georgia Tech game–a few things go the opposite way and the Tigers prevail. TCU is a top ten team nationally in my eyes after seeing them today and cannot fault a still developing Clemson team in many areas. C.J. Spiller stole the show with a 26 carry, 112 yard game with a TD to keep a struggling Clemson offense rolling in clutch situations, but his only fault is that he can’t throw the ball for the offense too.

4)..(5)…Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets…………..3-1(2-1 ACC)
In a game much like Clemson’s with BC last week, Georgia Tech was not running on all cylinders, but still dominated the Tar Heels by a 24-7 score. One key factor from this one was ACC Preseason Player of the Year Jonathan Dwyer getting back in the mix with an 158 yard day. GT QB Josh Nesbitt was an efficient 7 for 11 with 89 yards passing.

5)..(7)..Boston College Eagles………………….3-1(1-1 ACC)
Football is a a 60 minute game–and OT can make it longer–BC needed every bit of it to handle Atlantic Division rival Wake Forest. On the brink of a disastrous choke job, a broken play near the goalline on Wake’s part would lead to a fumble that BC would jump on to secure the 27-24 victory. There are a ton of positives coming out of this game as it appeared to me that BC found a QB in Shinskie as he made some great throws in his 228 yard/3 TD game, Haden and Harris got off the ground with good games, and the Eagles never trailed. FSU comes to town next week in what looks like a much more winnable game than it did last week.

6)..(4)..Florida State Seminoles……………2-2(0-1 ACC)
Remember, last week, we talked about making up the mind, Noles? Well, if that was it, I would say you are going into the tank then. I watched the whole game–USF played well so I give them credit, but FSU’s defense is horrible. I really do not know how else to say it. The ‘Noles defense is a major liability and the offense repeatedly made mistake after mistake in step with them Saturday. Who knows what team will show up in Boston next week, but they need to get it together or their ACC shot is finished with a loss next week.

7)..(9)..North Carolina State Wolfpack………….3-1(0-0 ACC)
NC State offense showed up to play against Pitt and would dominate the second half of their 38-31 victory. Pack QB Russell Wilson would throw for 322 yards and 4 TDs. NC State would amass over 500 total offensive yards. Division game right off the bat with reeling Wake Forest next week.

8)..(6)..North Carolina Tar Heels………………………3-1(0-1 ACC)
North Carolina has a good defense, but why they were not a top 25 team before this game or the rest of the season is the offense. They can put up good numbers in garbage games, but when it counts, the Heels do not put it on the scoreboard. Against a defense that has been simply dreadful, seven points is down-right absurd no matter the weather or being on the road.

9)..(8)..Wake Forest Demon Deacons…2-2(0-1 ACC)
They snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. With only needing a FG in OT inside the BC five, Wake would have a broken play and Skinner would be left confused and had the ball stripped to be recovered by BC. It is a tough loss, but Wake Forest played well and could use this as a building block to a competitive season.

10)..(11)..Duke Blue Devils…………………………2-2(0-0 ACC)
This time–they won. FCS was no match for the Devils in the 49-14 win over North Carolina Central University. Duke would struggle in the first half to pull away, but the Eagles 2 TDs would all come in the first half while Duke would tack on 3 more TDs in the second to win comfortably.

11)..(10)..Maryland Terrapins……………………1-3(0-0 ACC)
Maryland already has a poor football team, but five turnovers is just overkill. They were in it in the first half and had a 13-10 lead, but Maryland would be kept off the scoreboard for the rest of the game. They stay at home for a third straight home loss against Clemson next week.

FCS Division of ACC(Until first ACC/FBS win, UVA has been relegated to the minors by OTB)

-1)..(-1)….Virginia Cavaliers…………………..0-3(0-0 ACC)
Didn’t lose! Plus, Groh is out most likely so a win-win week for the Wahoos.

Another ACC weekend in the books…your thoughts?

  • krakatoa said,

    FCS Division of ACC(Until first ACC/FBS win, UVA has been relegated to the minors by OTB)


    True, but just, Damn.

    I’ll be a little sad not having Algroh to kick around after this season.

  • B. Rink said,


    I’ll be the first to say that Al Groh isn’t my favorite ACC coach by a mile, but is kinda sad to see how far the UVA program has fallen. They are just not competitive in the ACC or the Colonial for that matter.

  • All About Sports said,

    I was dissapointed in Clemson not being able to beat TCU. The Horned Frogs are a really good team, but at home that’s the kind of game Swinney has just not been able to win.

    I think NC State is really a team to keep an eye on. That was a pretty decent Pitt squad they beat, and their offense seems to be picking up steam.

  • B_Rink said,

    All About Sports,

    We really do not have a long history to go on with Dabo. I would say that was the kind of game he won at BC and at home vs. South Carolina last season. This season, he has dropped two games like that in GT and TCU, but I wouldn’t lose faith in him yet. The Tigers really have as good a shot as they have in oh-so-many-years to get an ACC title.

    As for NC State, I want to see them play ACC opponents before I know what they can do.

  • All About Sports said,

    Hi B_Rink,

    I certainly don’t think it’s time to give up on Swinney at all, but I did see the TCU as an opportunity for Clemson to get a really solid win on their resume.

    I also think they are very much alive in the division race. Their defense is going to keep them in just about everygame.

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