The Year at OTB: 2009

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I got to see the man, the myth, the legend, Willy Korn on the sidelines during the ACC football season which was fun.

I got to see the man, the myth, the legend, Willy Korn on the sidelines during this ACC football season which was fun.

We started On The B. Rink back in January as an All-ACC basketball site at a different web address–and here at the end of the year, I couldn’t have imagined the amount of visitors that would start to frequent the site and friends I would make in the ACC blogosphere. Here’s a mix of our most popular and my favorites on the two sites this year…

February 26, 2009–“Bring Back the Round Robin”–I Think Not

My first blog beef post as I took ACC Now’s J.P. Giglio to task for longing for the days of no expansion and wanting to take a trip back with Coach K when Duke played every North Carolina school twice a season. He has not learned anything since then with now wanting to replace BC with Navy/East Carolina.

April 8, 2009–Never Too Early…Looking at 2009-10 ACC Basketball

This is another post I ripped off from ACC Now as they provided projected starting five for 2009-10 ACC season and I gave my picks. The post was my first real visitor avalanche as a Seminoles’ Rivals site message board linked to it and there was a mix of agreement/disagreement over my projection of FSU at 4.

July 1, 2009–Completing the Move to the Dark Side: ACC as College Football-Centered

My personal favorite post of the year was how to bring the conference to elite football status. It has lots of common-sense adjustments to the ACC’s philosophy along with some venting.

July 7, 2009–Moving the ACC Baseball Tournament: A Series of Unfortunate Decisions

Another personal favorite as I vented on the ACC’s mismanagement of moving the ACC Baseball Tournament from Myrtle Beach back to the mothership of NC. Also, I was introduced via a commenter named “Winfield Featherston” to this site named “TheLegacyX4″ that would later become From The Rumble Seat on SB Nation.

July 28, 2009–Where Does the ACC Fit on TV?

As we transitioned to the more aesthetically pleasing site earlier that month, OTB theorized the next logical move for the ACC TV-wise in light of the SEC deal. This was one of the most trafficked and commented blogs of the year.

August 19, 2009–Why Virginia Tech Could Possibly Not Win the ACC

If I actually went with what I said in this post, I would have been right about the ACC’s Coastal this season.

August 26, 2009–Why Is Boston College, Rodney Dangerfield?

The most commented, non-linkfest view post of year was my blog about discussing why BC is disrespected year in-year out among ACC fans/media. It also sparked the first comment war among opposing fans on the site pitting NoleCC of ScalpEm vs. a gang of angry BC fans.

October 5, 2009–Reverse Hatfield Syndrome: Clemson Coaching Situation

Listening to hours of local sportstalk radio produced this exposition on Clemson fans’ expectations and Dabo.

December 13, 2009–OTB’s ACC CFB Review–Coastal Division

Here’s the post that Georgia Tech fans were waiting for all season since I drank the haterade preseason on GT where I give the Jackets, Coach Johnson, and Josh Nesbitt some love for their excellent seasons.

December 24, 2009–An Ode to the 00s: The Decade in ACC Football

For those with short memories, we did a recap of the decade in ACC football complete with some good links and a semi-controversial All-ACC Decade team as Hokies’ fans apparently do not like Jimmy Williams all that much.

Thanks for a great year at OTB, Happy New Year, and come on back for a Twenty-Ten!

ACC Bowling Fail: A Recap of What Was in the ACC Postseason So Far

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A-C-C! A-C...oh no, we suck again!

A-C-C! A-C...oh no, we suck again!

“ACC! ACC! ACC!” That’s what the Clemson players chanted after taking down Kentucky for what would be the ACC’s only win so far this bowl season–I’m guessing they stopped after watching the Champs. The ACC’s bowl performance is the same song, different verse as this one doesn’t have Clemson losing in it for the first time since 2005. We are 1-3 right now and each game had it quirks which almost explain away the awful record. Our spin on the recap of these bowl games is giving succint summaries and look-aheads to next season from the games.

Meineke Car Care Bowl: UNC Falls 19-17 to Pittsburgh

This one went about how I thought it would with Pittsburgh doing just a little more than I thought they could against the Heels’ D. The Panthers’ Dion Lewis dominating the Tar Heels’ D was the difference as you can’t expect any consistency from UNC’s offense. Where is North Carolina exactly with Butch Davis in the Coastal? Can they even crack anyone’s top 3 next season? This is a game that with a stronger defensive effort–they could have won which is a positive in a sense, but really, where is UNC at this point? Another Coastal team’s epic bowl fail might notch them one spot up in the Coastal to third for next season, but who knows. We may just have to admit football’s defeat at UNC like at Duke.

Emerald Bowl: BC Loses 24-13 to Southern Cal

Well, BC did get screwed on a couple calls and Montel Harris went down to an injury. BC actually looked strong and ready to win this one until Harris was injured and then the coaches had mental meltdowns and tried to have (Uncle) Dave Shinskie lead the Eagles to victory. Freshman QBs, no matter if they can procure alcohol for teammates, are not the outlet for winning games in December. There are a number of positives for BC going into next season and they will be one of the favorites for the division. Heck, they might be the favorite for the division as I don’t know what to do with volatile FSU/Clemson/NC State while BC just knocks out 8-9 wins a year.

Music City Bowl: Clemson WINS 21-13 over Kentucky

You did not read that wrong–that’s the ACC winning a bowl game(and against an SEC team too!). Clemson did what they had to with establishing the run on one of the worst run defenses in the country and not only C.J. Spiller, but also sophomore Jamie Harper and redshirt freshman Andre Ellington ran wild all game on the ‘Cats. The Clemson defense showed signs of blowing up once again against the run, but would only give up 6 points the rest of the game after the inital Kentucky drive that went for a TD. Clemson loses C.J. Spiller and we really do not know how much that will effect Clemson next season–but obviously it will. Clemson possibly losing Parker to MLB could be a factor too. The Tigers do have the advantage that appears to be lacking from many of the other 6 bowl participants in ending their season on a win going into recruiting.

Champ Sports Bowl: Miami Fails so Epicly to Wisconsin 20-14

It’s about the TE! Seriously, why did Miami even cover the wide receivers? Wisconsin’s Lance Kendricks was the Badgers’ top receiver with 7  catches and 128 yards with an astounding 18.3 yards a catch. Also, Miami offensive line, blocking the other team is productive to scoring points. Miami was just manhandled physically. It was an ugly game to watch until the Canes scored the late TD and then executed the flawless onside kick. The Canes first drive and second-to-last drive were the only positive ones of the entire game as Miami was just terrible and an embarrassment to the ACC here. With a win, Miami would have been toward the top of many preseason mags next year, but this loss and how it unfolded–it was just ugly. There is no way in clear conscience I can put them ahead of the Hokies/Jackets even with the starters they each have to replace at this point.

Laments about the games? Thoughts on these teams going into Twenty-Ten? Leave your thoughts below…Here’s to improvement starting with the Chick-Fil-A today and Gator tomorrow!

ACC Bowl Season: Champs Sports Bowl Live Blog

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Yes, Im using this picture again.

Yes, I'm using this picture again.

In what could be one of the better ACC bowl games with two top 25 teams, Miami and Wisconsin meet in Orlando for the Champ Sports Bowl so come on in the live blog and discuss the game! The forum is also open for Chick-Fil-A, Gator, and Orange Bowl preview/talk if you like. Check out the new poll on the sidebar asking for your picks for the Orange Bowl!

Champ Sports Bowl Live Bloggin’