Expansion Mania 2010: ACC Vol. 3, Taking Down the SEC

Posted by Brandon Rink on June 8, 2010 under ACC Baseball, ACC Basketball, ACC Football | 42 Comments to Read

Gobbler Country’s post the other day got the wheels in my head turning on this — and the options left to the ACC just weren’t satisfying. I say — raid the SEC!

The SEC has peaked.

They’re not the uber-geniuses who control college athletics that we all thought (or admitted quietly) after the mega-ESPN TV deal — if they we were — they’d already have Texas in this expansion mania. They don’t, and aren’t getting them.

The SEC has peaked. They won’t get another deal like they have right now. They are losing in the conference-expansion-arms-race and are just as vulnerable as the ACC — we just don’t realize because of their perceived power.

If you follow sports contracts by TV or individual player/team in pro sports, it’s all about the next deal. The SEC is locked into their deal for their current 12 teams for the next 20+ years 14 years(as my SEC friends have pointed out). The ACC negotiated a 12-year deal. The ACC is at the advantage of being able to go the network of their choice first in the post-super-conference era of college football among the two.

If it is all indeed about money and not the actual athletics, why shouldn’t an SEC team want to jump to the ACC right now? Sure, they have to wait a little for their pay-off, but it would be a shorter wait than if the SEC raided the ACC.

The SEC’s perceived dominance is toast with the proposed Pac-16 out West and Big 16 in the Midwest. The ACC now has an opportunity to lock down the East Coast from the SEC by adding Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and a Big East team of choice whether West Viriginia, UConn, Syracuse, etc. By this raid, the ACC cripples the SEC in Florida and Georgia (two key recruiting battlegrounds) and takes a major player from the Big East to lock down the East Coast for the ACC.

Forget “natural rivals” — the ACC takes actual rivals with Georgia/Georgia Tech, Florida/Florida State, and Clemson/South Carolina — and possibly another one with Virginia Tech/West Virginia.

The ACC instantly becomes the foremost conference in football, boosts best conference status in basketball, and obviously is the premier college baseball conference with SC and Florida in the mix.



South Carolina
Florida State
Boston College
Big East Team of Choice(WVU, UConn, Syracuse, Pitt)
Wake Forest


Georgia Tech
Virginia Tech
North Carolina
NC State

Looking at the Divisions… Put the big rivalries in the same division to ensure that we don’t have a rematch of the same game a week after rivalry week. I’m not sure anyone knows how divisions/schedules will work in this new era, but I presume you would drop an OOC game and play all 7 divisional teams + 2 cross-divisional opponents (one being a designated rival like the current deal). This style puts a huge emphasis on divisional play (which I like). This really balances the baseball-side of divisions as well with Florida and South Carolina to the Atlantic.

So should we go storm the SEC offices right now? Should the ACC stand pat at 12? Wait for the SEC to raid and end the Big East?

  • baytiger said,

    The SEC isn’t locked into their current TV deals. They can be renegotiated in case of expansion. Slive isn’t that dumb.

  • griggler said,


  • Nwhaler said,

    SEC has peaked! Raid the SEC!


    Dude, you have to publish the dealer’s name for the crack that you are smoking – that is some really good stuff.

    Florida and Georgia are charter members who moved from Southern to form the SEC and there is really no reason for them to leave the SEC. It would be folly for SC ,who is a lightweight in sports, to move away from a profitable relationship.

    Chances are high that Miami and FSU might not join the SEC because Florida is happy with them being non-conf rivals and would fight their entry(now).

    The ideal targets for the SEC would be Texas and aTm or OU and aTm.

    I think the SEC plays it safe and watches how the mega conf works before trying anything new.

  • Andrew Bucket said,

    Uh, unless I’m missing something, LSU’s baseball program is more prestigious than any program in the ACC or SEC. Bama, FSU, and some others are in the discussion, but none compare to LSU, or Texas for that matter.

    Also it doesn’t seem likely that the SEC will be raided any time soon. Our TV contract can be renegotiated, and its not like members that have left the SEC (Tulane, GT) have enjoyed stellar success elsewhere.

  • chaz said,

    accblogger.com = worthless

  • Brandon Rink said,

    @baytiger, nwhaler

    Anyway you slice it…the SEC isn’t getting the money they got on the last deal. A lot has happened since I wrote this post, but the SEC is in a precarious spot if the Big Ten and Pac-10 are driving expansion. The SEC has peaked if it all goes down like it is being reported right now – doesn’t mean the ACC will be there to raid – because we don’t have the leadership with forethought to do so, but a man can dream. Thanks for dropping knowledge, folks.

    @Andrew Bucket

    Well, LSU may be, but I don’t think I was arguing against your program anywhere in the piece – LSU is one of schools I like in the SEC actually. Tulane and GT are far off examples compared to what would be happening here – it’s not like UF’s program would go in the tank like Tulane if they made the jump.

  • Brandon said,


    I really want in on the drugs you are one. Anyone who believes teams like Florida and Georgia would EVER leave the SEC has to be smoking something new and something good.

  • Frozenropes6 said,

    Dear accblogger.com,

    Please get off the dumb. Where exactly does the SEC sit if after the PAC-10 goes to 16 the Big 10 gets 12-16, Mike Slive goes out and nabs North Carolina, FSU, Ga Tech and Virginia Tech from the ACC. I think it would be something like Bill Gates hitting the Powerball. The rich get richer.

  • SignalBama said,

    Funniest piece of Fiction I have read in…Well I dont remember when something else was this hilarious. Maybe as a Blogger you should check your facts before posting BS like this.

  • jim said,

    I want some of that dope.

  • Kige said,

    Kige Ramsey of YouTube sports here, I just have one question…..Are you f******* retarded?

  • Brandon Retard said,

    Of all the conference expansion rumors going around, this is the most hilarious bit of delusion I have seen. This goes above and beyond USC fans’ delusion that their appeal may work. This goes beyond even TX A&M fans delusion. Hell I don’t think I’ve even met a BAMA fan this delusional! Even in the immediate aftermath of the Saban hire, they were still more rational than the guy who wrote this epic nonsense.

    Why in the F*** would anyone leave the SEC, Brandon? The conference with the most national championships in the BCS era. The conference with the most money of them all. The conference recognized by everyone as the premier conference for football. The conference that has probably the most prestigious baseball power (LSU). The conference that has one of the most prestigious basketball powers in Kentucky.

    What’s in it for Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, or ANYONE to leave the SEC? I don’t have anything against the ACC, but even ACC fans (besides your dumbass self) know their place with respect to the SEC.

    F******* get a clue, Brandon. You are one dumb piece of s***.

  • Speakersheep said,

    Only someone from a weak conference would come up with this crap. The reason the SEC is the best is because we stick up for each other and embrace our fellow conference schools. At the end of all of our bowl wins you don’t hear… L S U, or Roll Tide, as much as you hear S E C chanting throughout the entire stadium. We stick together and love our sports. No school from the SEC will leave to go to another conference because why would you want to leave the best market, environment, and recruiting base in the entire country? If we ALLOW any schools to join it will be with open arms and because they share the same passion as our fan base. Everything that other conferences have done in the past 10 years has been a copy of what the SEC established and this “plan” from the Joke-10 conferences to expand is just another delusional idea to one-up the SEC. Prepare to see this deal on Failblog in a few years because an unorganized big conference still won’t stack up against the talent and tradition of the SEC. If any ACC schools do make it in then Congrats and Good Luck…you’re going to need it :)

  • Kige Rrrrrrrrramsey said,

    Let’s go back to 1990 then. 20 years is sufficient

    1990: Colorado (Big 8) and Georgia Tech (ACC)

    1991: Miami (Big East) and Washington (Pac-10)

    1992: Alabama (SEC)

    1993: Florida State (ACC)

    1994: Nebraska (Big 8)

    1995: Nebraska (Big 8)

    1996: Florida (SEC)

    1997: Michigan (Big Ten) and Nebraska (Big 12)

    1998: Tennessee (SEC)

    1999: Florida State (ACC)

    2000: Oklahoma (Big 12)

    2001: Miami (Big East)

    2002: Ohio State (Big Ten

    2003: LSU (SEC) and USC (Pac-10)

    2004: USC (Pac-10)

    2005: Texas (Big 12)

    2006: Florida (SEC)

    2007: LSU (SEC)

    2008: Florida (SEC)

    2009: Alabama (SEC)

    ACC – 3

    Big 8 – 3

    Big 12 – 3

    Big East – 2

    Big Ten – 2

    Pac-10 – 3

    SEC – 8

  • BRANDON said,

    i think the SEC TV package is 15 years, not 20+, check your fact first

  • Brandon Rink said,


    LOL I’m glad I made your day. No drugs were consumed during the writing of this piece.

    Let me address the more serious comments…


    If Slive does pull that off, the SEC won’t be in bad situation, but really, you think that’s happening? He would like to, but it’s not happening.

  • Brandon Rink said,


    You are correct…for some reason I thought it was more.

  • Brandon Rink said,

    @Kige Rrrrrrrrrramsey, et al,

    The point of saying that the SEC has peaked – does in fact mean that they were great at one point – I’m not denying that. The SEC was caught napping on the super-conference expansion deal – they may be able to recover, but it looks like the Pac-10 and Big Ten have a leg up.

    I’m just presenting an idea for the ACC to be proactive where the SEC hasn’t been to this point. I’m not claiming the ACC is some great conference – they haven’t been, but you’re kidding yourself if you think the ACC has no bargaining power right now.

  • Andrew said,

    How do you figure the SEC won’t get MORE money with 4 consecutive National Championships?!? You are a fool.

  • Brandon Rink said,


    My answer would be the economy, being second-fiddle to two 16-team super-conferences, etc. Realize, we’re dealing with a lot of hypotheticals here. I’m just a guy with an opinion – just like you – no need to insult buddy.

  • trey said,

    Domer here…Ive been stating that the ACC is the natural best fit for ND. Make a conference of small, private schools with dominant sports, the ‘ACC + ND’ would blow anyone’s TV contract out of the water.

  • Brandon Rink said,


    Agree there, Trey. ND would be a great get for the ACC for $$$. But if they won’t join the Big Ten, would they want to join the ACC where they have road trips to BC and Miami + spots all over the South?

  • nemov said,

    With this “raid” there’s a chance the ACC Championship game might actually sell out.

  • Dawg in DC said,

    One thing lost is all of the conference realignment talk is this inescapable fact – the SEC doesn’t have to do anything! Nothing. The SEC can (and in my opinion – should) remain steadfast with its current charter of 12 teams and remain as competitive as ever. So what if the PAC-XX wants to expand ad infinitum? It really has no effect on the SEC or on national championships. It is a rare day when the winner of the SEC is not in the national title picture. Arguments will be made about this being a money grab. Fine. Money is important. But I don’t think the SEC will be hurting for money based on how realignment settles itself.

  • Brandon Rink said,

    @Dawg in DC

    No one knows for sure right now how this will all shake out. The SEC sticks with how they are, and they won’t be bad off by any means. They will still be making big money, but everything seems to be about comparing one conference to another. I’d actually applaud the SEC if they do nothing (for selfish reasons as well to stay away from the ACC lol).


    Indeed, indeed.

  • Brett said,

    South Carolina (4th SEC East) 34 – Clemson (ACC Atlantic Champ) 17
    Georgia (3rd in SEC East) 30 – Georgia Tech (ACC Coastal Champ) 24

    Why the hell would anyone from the SEC go to the ACC?

  • Brandon Rink said,


    Is any of this conference expansion talk really about actual game results? I’d say for the most part – no.

  • killertv said,

    brett definitely says it best. this is purely a speculative article based more on fandumb (sic) than fact.

    regarding the mention of texas not going to the sec in the article, looking at the last five champions one can see why texas would stay away – repeating that national championship of theirs from five years ago would be a lot harder to do in the conference of the last four champs

  • Kige Pineapple said,

    Brandon Rink, when the SEC raids the ACC (if the SEC takes any action at all), to what address should we send the crow? Would you prefer it fried or grilled?

    You’re like the ACC fan version of LSUTangerine. He’s a big time USC homer on TigerDroppings.com who was guaranteeing everyone that USC would get a slap on the wrist. And he was dead wrong just like you’re going to be

  • Kige Pineapple said,


    In other words, you’re saying Texas is a bunch of pussies right? I agree

  • Brandon Rink said,


    But again, on-field results=basically meaningless…Texas brings the big $$$. If the SEC was on top of things, they would have grabbed the ‘Horns.

    And we’re a blog…speculation is what we do.

  • Brandon Rink said,

    @Kige Pineapple,

    If you can point to where, anywhere in my blog, that I predicted this would actually happen – I’ll have it fried with a little hot sauce please.

  • Brandon Rink said,

    @Kige Pineapple,

    And the SEC could very well take teams from the ACC – just not Duke or UNC. It would have to be a huge dollar amount to lure those two true blue ACC schools.

  • MikeInValdosta said,

    Damn. You have it all figured out. I bet Mike Slive has a contract on your head.

    CBS and ESPN obviously will not support, encourage, or assist the SEC in any expansion endeavor. It is an ACC world and the SEC is your bitch.

    Keep dreaming!

  • Brandon Rink said,


    Exactly, finally – a voice of reason!

    (I enjoy quality sarcasm – good stuff)

  • SSMUND said,

    Congrats, Brandon. You win the prize. Of all the articles, blog posts, forum posts, tweets, twats, etc. I’ve read regarding the conference wars in the past week, this is, without a doubt, the dumbest, most delusional, uninformed, unrealistic b.s. I’ve seen. I must say that’s quite an accomplishment, sir.

  • Brandon Rink said,


    I try, I try. And to think, I put this up Tuesday – I’m waiting for the hits to start coming for my Super Regional picks any second now.

  • brat said,

    The SEC wil remain strong no matter what they decide to do.

    Forget USC going back to the ACC. The hatred is still strong 40 years after leaving. Anyone stupid enough to vote for us to go back there would never reach their cars in the parking lot. Tens of thousands of Carolina fans would never attend another sporting event or donate another penny.

  • Brandon Rink said,


    Strong words, but living in SC myself, I can feel that vibe from SC. The domino of UF or UGA making the move might make them reconsider, but again, this all is unlikely since the ACC appears to be content with its 12 and fighting to keep them – just a theory of mine.

  • trey said,

    @Brandon Rink

    The whole “ND should join the Integer because they’re a midwest school” argument is ludicrous. ND made it’s name traversing the country taking on whomever dared play us at the time. We play every year at least one game on the west coast(U$C or Stan), and usually one on the east coast as well(Navy or Pitt or BC). Outside of Miami, who in the ACC is anymore than a 4-5 hour flight anyway? Not a biggie IMO.

    Our biggest beef with the alignment with the Integer is that we would necessarily have to forgo a lot of our Catholic identity and mission by aligning with massively huge state schools with enormous political clout that we just dont have as a small, private university. Something all of y’all in the ACC are acutely aware of. WF, Miami, Duke, BC are all very similiar to us in academic goals and I think it would be an awesome fit. Add onto that the athletic dominance of a number of your teams (Duke BB, Miami/Va Tech FB) and it’s a match made in heaven there too. We would blow ANY B10/P16 tv deal out of the water if we were the ACC+ND conference.

  • Tammy Alexander said,

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  • pj said,

    who cares about the corrupt major conferences.The acc,sec,big10 are nothing more than halfway houses for convicts,and corrupt coaches like calipari,saban,petrino etc.These conferences have nothing to do with academics and all to do with money,corruption,and greed.The ncaa looks the other way,and slaps them on the hand.Auburn, and Ohio state are recent examples.They will give mid major colleges the death penalty,but overlook major colleges like the sec,or big 10 because it is all about money.Give me divisionII or III sports, not the major conferences that that attract these thug convicts who have no interest in education.