ACC Football Roundtable: Preseason Edition

Posted by Brandon Rink on August 30, 2010 under ACC Football | 2 Comments to Read

The actual ACC blogger roundtable - pretty sweet, huh?

From Old Virginia hosts the preseason edition of the ACC football roundtable that includes many fine ACC team and conference bloggers (he’ll have a recap up later this week). You’ll notice that most of the questions are geared towards teams – so I had to improvise a bit. Read on…

1. At UVA we have made wholesale changes to everything this past offseason: the coaching staff, the offense, the defense, the uniforms, even the color of the equipment shed.  What change or changes on your own team are you most looking forward to watching play out on the field this season?

The Seminoles’ change from the CEO to more a hands-on approach from Bowden to Fisher, and maybe even more key for FSU, the shift on defense from Mickey Andrews to Mark Stoops. At FSU, Fisher isn’t about to get a pass for being in his first year – it’s ACC title or bust in Tallahassee. In a wide-open Atlantic, coaching will be huge in finishing first or towards the middle of the pack.

2. Who is the next ACC coach to get fired, and when?  And if you think that’s your own coach, who would you like to see replace him?

Well, this is an interesting question now, isn’t it? With Davis in a heap of trouble, his situation comes to mind first – so many factors involved – “Carolina way” image, possibility of losing players due to situations out of his control, and just having to steer the ship in such troubled waters. He got the vote of confidence from his employers so we’ll see there.

UNC mess aside, Ralph Friedgen is probably the guy most in trouble. The Terps turn in another sub-.500 record and he’s in trouble. Honestly, I think everyone survives for on-field results in 2010 so it may be 2011 for Friedgen.

3. How excited are you about your team’s out-of-conference lineup this year?  How would you grade your program overall when it comes to scheduling OOC games?

The first couple weeks could be really good. There’s LSU, Boise State, Navy, Oklahoma, Ohio State, and Auburn all highlighting the early slate.

The ACC gets an average grade overall though. Sure, there are some heavy-hitters in the early season schedule and among the rivalry tilts, but FCS newbie Presbyterian also makes it on there 2 or 3 times, BC has such heavyweights as Weber and Kent State, and a few average to bad FBS teams also on the ACC schedule with Army, Kansas, and East Carolina.

4. What one player on your schedule (not in the ACC overall – your team’s schedule only, and it doesn’t have to be ACC) are you most worried will cause you pain and grief this year?

From an OOC standpoint, Kellen Moore’s the guy. Make no mistake, no matter how much street cred the Broncos have built up to now – the ACC will catch major heat for dropping a game to a member of whichever conference out West has Boise. Moore is a legit Heisman candidate with a solid o-line to keep him upright and the weapons to pick apart the Hokies’ D.

5. Conversely, provide us a little bulletin board material.  Which team on your calendar are you absolutely positive that not only will you stomp their guts to China, but you’ll gain the warmest, fuzziest feeling of immense satisfaction out of doing it?

Obviously, Presbyterian.

6. It’s been a loony offseason in the conference membership department, but the ACC sat out this round.  Do you think the ACC is set at 12 teams for the long term?  If not, which team(s) is/are most likely to be added, and which would you like to see?

I think as long as the ESPN keeps paying and strong academics stay an integral part of many ACC schools – the ACC does stay at 12 for the long term. The ACC schools demonstrated in the crazy offseason that they weren’t all that eager to make the jump – and other conferences (*cough*SEC*cough*) aren’t jumping at the chance to grab them either.

7. Standard question for the finish: a) What do you expect out of your team, b) What kind of season would keep you content and happy, c) What kind of season would be a disappointment?

I expect three 10+ win teams and six teams in the final top 25 – and I’d be disappointed with much less with all the talent stockpiled in the ACC. The time is now for the conference to make an impact in the BCS world.

Feel free to discuss/answer the Q’s yourself about your teams below…

  • John in BHM said,

    You give the ACC an “average grade” for our non-conference schedule. What would it take for you to consider it above average?

    30 of 48 games are against teams that won eight or more games last year. We’re not exactly loading up on “the sisters of the poor”.

  • Brandon Rink said,

    @John in BHM,

    Good stat, John – maybe compared to other conferences, the ACC isn’t really all that bad, but I just can’t stand scheduling of the Presbyterians of the world. I’m a harder grader on OOC scheduling than most probably. Thanks for stopping by, John.