ACC Pick’Em Post – 10/02

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4-0's nice, but losing this weekend would hurt momentum for Wilson and the Wolfpack.

The spotlight is on the cross-divisional games with 5 Atlantic-Coastal matchups including big games in Clemson and Raliegh…

ACC Pick’Em (29-6 to date)

  • 10/02/10 –  Miami Hurricanes @ Clemson Tigers / ESPN2 / 12:00 p.m. ET

The Lead: Will it go to OT, double OT, or triple OT? Tune in as this series has been great – can Harris get over his turnover woes? Is Parker healthy enough to lead the Tigers up and down the field? Going to be a fun one.

Watch 4: Extra prep to give Clemson edge on O – Harris to have decent day, but not enough

Clemson looked really good on offense in a hostile atmosphere at Auburn – Miami’s D is better, but I like the Tigers’ chances to put up points. Gotta think Miami gets to Harris about the long throws-to-picks–short, conservative throws should be the order of the day and he’ll have decent success…just not enough.

The Pick: Tigers 31 Canes 27

  • Florida State Seminoles  @ Virginia Cavaliers / ACC Network / 12:00 p.m. ET

The Lead: Hey, it’s everybody in the home team crowd dresses the same day in Charlottesville – a “white-out”, but will FSU continue the blackout on scoring? Virginia going for the first points an ACC team has put up on the ‘Noles in ‘10.

Watch 4: FSU to win, Virginia to not make it easy

Hard to get a read on this one – FSU has the better team, but their last road game was a disaster and the ‘Hoos are looking solid compared to what we all thought preseason.

The Pick: ‘Noles 31 ‘Hoos 16

  • Virginia Tech Hokies @ NC State Wolfpack / ABC-ESPN2-ESPN3 / 3:30 p.m. ET

The Lead: It’s the preseason favorite (Hokies) vs. the after-a-month-favorite (Wolfpack) in Raliegh Saturday.

Watch 4: Wolfpack to continue offensive output – hold off Hokies for win

Hokies are favored much like they were at BC, but the 19-0 win wasn’t as impressive as it looks and Russell Wilson isn’t Dave Shinskie. Wolfpack D brings decent effort and the offense continues to do what they do for a win.

The Pick: Pack 28 Hokies 24

  • East Carolina Pirates @ North Carolina Tar Heels / ESPN3 / 3:30  p.m. ET

The Lead: The Heels go for win no. 2 against a feisty Pirates team that just chucks the ball all around the yard.

Watch 4: Distractions to play a factor – UNC still to pull it together

The UNC line is going down by the minute (started at 17 down to 13)…just a tough situation as UNC is the better team, but the Pirates are dangerous and can take advantage of the distractions.

The Pick: Heels 20 Pirates 17

  • Duke Blue Devils @ Maryland Terrapins / ESPN3 / 6:00 p.m. ET

The Lead: The Terps are trying to keep rolling – Devils are just looking to stop the bleeding and maybe even win?

Watch 4: Terps running game to be too much

Part of me thinks Duke pulls it together for a competitive effort here, but the other part has watched them play D – Maryland gets to the 4 win mark with another strong ground game in a win.

The Pick: Terps 37 Devils 17

  • Georgia Tech @ Wake Forest / ESPNU / 7:00 p.m. ET

The Lead: Both sides are reeling a bit coming into this one, but they also have ACC wins under their belt – see who gets their second (and who’s almost hopelessly out of the conference race with a loss) on the U.

Watch 4: Jackets to steamroll Wake D – Deacs to offer little resistance

Georgia Tech’s biggest enemy on O this season seems to be teams that can score on its D – Wake won’t have as much success there and the Johnson will get them on the scoreboard early and often.

The Pick: Jackets 38 Deacs 16

  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish @ Boston College / ABC / 8:00 p.m. ET

The Lead: The Fighting Irish come to town against an Eagles team just looking for anybody that can complement Montel Harris on offense.

Watch 4: Montel Harris to go off – BC to edge out the Irish

Can whoever at QB for BC successfully hand off? That may be all they need against a struggling Irish D. ND might be able to move the ball with the passing game Saturday, but BC can’t get worse on O and there will be holes to run through against the Irish.

The Pick: Eagles 24 Irish 20

Game O' the Week: Clemson vs. Miami

  • Clemson close (67%, 2 Votes)
  • Miami close (33%, 1 Votes)
  • Clemson big (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Miami big (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 3

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ATS Section (15-10-1 to date)

  • NC State and under 4 vs. Virginia Tech

Take to Bank %: 55%

Ok, I get it – Vegas had it right last week at Chestnut Hill, but they’re pressing their luck against the new-look Wolfpack.

  • ECU and under 13 at UNC

Take to Bank %: 55%

Situation just keeps getting worse in Chapel Hill – hard to pick a big spread in their favor.

  • Maryland and over 7.5 vs. Duke

Take to Bank %: 25%

Like I said above, have a feeling that this could be closer, but betting on Duke’s D is something I won’t do this week.

  • Georgia Tech and over 9.5 at Wake Forest

Take to Bank %: 65%

They had a rough week last week, but expect the spread option to get in gear against a spotty Deacs’ D.

  • Notre Dame and over 2.5 vs. BC

Take to Bank %: 1%

And here’s where you see the split from my feel picks above – and what I’d do with the fictional ACC Blogger money, give me another week to look at the BC offense before taking them.

  • FSU and over 7 at Virginia

Take to Bank %: 60%

In the one ATS game this season, we took Southern Cal and the ‘Hoos beat the spread by a mile – will FSU play out the same? I think it’s close for a while, but the ‘Noles get it to double digits late.

  • Clemson and over 3 vs. Miami

Take to Bank %: 30%

If you’re into trends, you should take Miami as the home team hasn’t won in this series in forever, but I like Clemson’s O out of the bye vs. the Miami D…and the Tigers have a number of guys in the secondary licking their chops at Jacory Harris throws.

Who ya got this weekend? Pick’em in the comments. We’re going to look at the ACC after a month of football tomorrow so be sure to come back!

ACC Football Midweek Hype Machine – Week #5

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Jacory Harris hoping to recover from an INT-filled game with Clemson last year in Miami. (Photo by, Sefton Ipock)

Welcome to your weekly ACC Football Mid-Week Hype Machine that hopefully bridges your week to the weekend with good reads…

  • 10/02/10 –  Miami Hurricanes @ Clemson Tigers / ESPN2 / 12:00 p.m. ET

Must-See Matchup: Jacory Harris vs. Clemson Secondary

Harris threw 3 picks against Clemson at home in ‘09 – he’s not improved since…will the Tigers get him again?

Bringing The Noise: Grumbling about the early start, Clemson fans? Dabo says quit quacking like ducks and be loud. Eye of the Hurricane analyzes the Clemson offense. Canes might be making some shifts on the o-line this week. Coming off one big road win, the ‘Canes hope to gain confidence into this one. Shakin the Southland breaks down ‘4-3 over’ defensive front. Sean Spence looking for a little redemption Saturday.

Watch This Over…: Ryder Cup, because Tiger Woods is kinda sucking in ‘10 and Clemson-Miami is must-see TV as they haven’t played a game that hasn’t gone to OT in their last 3 meetings.

  • Florida State Seminoles  @ Virginia Cavaliers / ACC Network / 12:00 p.m. ET

Must-See Matchup: ACC’s no. 1 total offense (FSU) vs. ACC’s no. 2 total defense (UVa)

We knew Virginia’s D would be the strength of the ‘Hoos, but they’ve outperformed that even – the ‘Noles have lit defenses up with a balanced attack in every game but the the Oklahoma trip…good chess match here.

Bringing The Noise: Noles are coming in a bit banged up – Ponder’s feeling better though. It’s all about finding lanes for Virginia against the improved FSU front. Lambeth Field gives FSU fans a primer for the trip to Charlottesville. Cam Johnson is a guy to watch for the experienced FSU line.

Watch This Over…: Big Ten Dog Game of the Week (BTDGOTW for short, and yes, it’s hard to pick just one): Northwestern at Minnesota, Minnesota got pwned by Northern Illinois – watch FSU-Virginia.

  • Virginia Tech Hokies @ NC State Wolfpack / ABC-ESPN2-ESPN3 / 3:30 p.m. ET

Must-See Matchup: Virginia Tech secondary vs. QB not named Dave Shinskie

This Russell Wilson cat’s pretty good, and his 11 TDs to 1 INT is just a little different than what they saw last week.

Bringing The Noise: VT coaches believe Ryan Williams will be back for the trip to Raliegh – Gobbler Country argues he shouldn’t play though. Wolfpack are trying to keep expectations out of the 4-0 start in perspective. Hokies haven’t been efficient at all in the red zone coming into this one. Here’s the weekly primer for the Hokies from Gobbler Country. This wasn’t one we had circled preseason – but it’s one of the games of the week now. ACC Rivals’ Hokies writer taking the Pack in this one. Gobbler Country says the problems are deeper than just the offense.

Watch This Over…: Tennessee at LSU, seriously? This is the best the SEC has to offer at this time slot?

  • East Carolina Pirates @ North Carolina Tar Heels / ESPN3 / 3:30  p.m. ET

Must-See Matchup: Nation’s 13th best passing O (ECU) vs. FBS’ 4th best passing D (UNC)

The ACC has already seen the “air-raid” O of ECU as they gave the Hokies heck in a 49-27 loss – racking up 251 yards passing, a TD (and 2 INTs).

Bringing The Noise: With a win under their belts, the Heels might play a little looser from here on. UNC’s injuries are mounting up. ECU focusing on defense coming out of a bye week.

Watch This Over…: Nationwide Racing: Kansas, I can tell you two things about this race…they will turn left, and if Kyle Busch is in it…he probably wins so watch ECU-UNC to see if the Heels’ get their winning streak on.

  • Duke Blue Devils @ Maryland Terrapins / ESPN3 / 6:00 p.m. ET

Must-See Matchup: Solid Terps’ rushing O vs. reallykindaawfulbadDukerushingD

Meggett and Scott are probably just salivating – seeing what Army and Bama did the last two weeks.

Bringing The Noise: The Terps are having a time getting off the field on D and are giving up big-time yards. Testudo Times breaks down the Blue Devils. No word on who’s gonna kick for the Terrapins Saturday. The Terps could have the  best freshman QB ever on their hands with Danny O’Brien. Even Cutcliffe’s impressed with the O’Brien at QB for Maryland.

Watch This Over…: Live from the Ryder Cup, golf can be pretty boring – a show with no live golf and just highlights/analysis – I’ll pass and watch the ACC opener for the Terps.

  • Georgia Tech @ Wake Forest / ESPNU /7:00 p.m. ET

Must-See Matchup: Mad Jackets vs. reeling Deacs

Wake Forest has been drilled two weeks in a row after the win in the ACC opener against Duke – Georgia Tech was punched in the mouth at home by the Wolfpack…two teams looking for redemption here.

Bringing The Noise: Frustration settling in at Georgia Tech – Johnson wants some urgency from his guys. Price not going to make start #3 this Saturday due to an injury. Wake QB situation is murky going into the GT game with injuries according to HD. Not being in the right (field) position hurting the Jackets early.

Watch This Over…: American Le Mans, it’s on for 10-hours Saturday and you can switch it over to Speed after the game when it’s about over…if you’re into the crazy right and left turn-racin’.

  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish @ Boston College / ABC / 8:00 p.m. ET

Must-See Matchup: New BC QB Chase Rettig vs. Irish D

This game is huge for the Eagles for confidence, and all eyes will be on the QB spot.

Bringing The Noise: In case you’ve been under a rock, the Shinskie era is over (for now) and the true freshman Rettig is in. Soaring to Glory preaches patience with the new QB. BC Interruption argues the merits of starting Rettig and other topics. STG also has a great breakdown of the ND offense vs. BC D. ESPN’s ACC and Big East bloggers battle it out for BC-ND.

Watch This Over…: Viking Classic: PGA Tour, yes, a tape-delayed golf event with the guys not picked for the Ryder Cup – excitement!

We’re almost back to fooball, folks. Check out ACC Blogger tomorrow for our picks for the weekend!

ACC Blogger Power Poll: Week Four

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Ellington and the Tigers' have a lot to prove this Saturday against the 'Canes. (Photo per, by Sefton Ipock)

The only thing we seem to know at this point – is that we know just about nothing right now with a wild, weird start to the ACC season. My lead for my ACC wrap-up on Southern Pigskin this week

All those previews I spent hours upon hours writing – just throw them out the window (you did print them out, didn’t you?).

NC State, as it stands now through a month of football, is the best team in the ACC. FSU has a top 25 defense in the nation through 4 games. Boston College, considered the DarkSleeperHorse in the ACC, has no offense to speak of. Virginia Tech, the team that lost to James Madison a couple weeks ago, shutout an ACC opponent on the road, but the offensive playcalling is still a little curious and the defense really wasn’t tested.

Speaking of defenses not really being tested – I give you the Pittsburgh Panthers. Wow, they were awful, but Miami took advantage to a 31-3 road win.

Oh yes, it can get worse out-of-conference – thanks, Duke. But UNC kept up the perfect record against the Big East with the 17-13 road win in Jersey. Maryland went back-and-forth with FIU until blowing them off the field late with big runs by Scott and Meggett. <See rest of my thoughts here>

But I think we do have a clearer field for ranking this week and here’s what I’ve got (be sure to check ACC Rivals for the complete poll too!)…

1)..(2)..North Carolina State Wolfpack………..4-0 (1-0 ACC)
Last week, we were a little wary of ranking NC State at 2nd – they proved their worth and more against Georgia Tech Saturday. Wilson torched Georgia Tech’s D and the running game was working too. The improvement on defense for the Pack really won the game though as they disrupted the Jackets all game – now, they have 3 ACC home games and a chance to grab a big advantage in the Atlantic through October.

2)..(1)..Clemson Tigers………………2-1 (0-0 ACC)
Had the bye week to prep for the ‘Canes coming to TigerTown Saturday. No pressure, Dabo – only the difference between coming out on top and being a favorite in the Atlantic – losing and being the talk of Clemson sports radio with folks calling for your head.

3)..(5)..Miami Hurricanes………………………2-1 (0-0 ACC)
Miami had the least impressive 4 TD road BCS victory I’ve ever seen at Pitt – which is good and bad I guess. The coaches have things to yell at ‘em about going into Clemson, but they did get the big road win regardless.

4)..(6)..Florida State Seminoles………….3-1 (1-0 ACC)
FSU dominated Wake Forest on both sides of the ball – the score was 31-0, but it felt like 56-0. The ‘Noles continue the slow uphill climb in the ACC at Virginia this week in a “white-out.”

5)..(3)..Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets…………..2-2 (1-1 ACC)
Yes, it’s time to hit the panic button. The offense isn’t running smoothly – the defense is struggling to stop anybody, buuuuuuut give credit to NC State for being the better team – maybe Georgia Tech will fare better in the Coastal.

6)..(11)..Virginia Tech Hokies…………………2-2 (1-0 ACC)
Well of course Virginia Tech went on the road in the ACC and shutout BC – makes perfect sense after their start. It’s more a case of the Eagles playing poor than the Hokies dominating, but hey, they’re undefeated in the ACC and no one in the Coastal is really stepping up to the table either.

7)..(7)..Maryland Terrapins……………………3-1 (0-0 ACC)
Maryland took care of business against a tricky FIU squad. The Terps play the struggling Blue Devils to open ACC play next week, and have a bye before going down to Clemson.

8)..(4)..Boston College Eagles………………….2-1 (0-1 ACC)
So, that went well. I feel bad for all the ESPNU telecasts this season without the ability to talk about “Uncle” Dave Shinkie now. Good news, it’s only game 1 of 8 in the ACC – still time to fix things, but they now have to hold the home field the rest of the season and grab some big road wins to take the Atlantic.

9)..(9)..North Carolina Tar Heels…………1-2 (0-1 ACC)
Defense – no matter how depleted it was – led the way against Rutgers in the 17-13 win. Big stops and turnovers kept the Heels in it to win it in Jersey. UNC plays the guns-blazin’ ECU Pirates in Chapel Hill this weekend.

10)..(10)..Virginia Cavaliers…………………..2-1 (0-0 ACC)
The ‘Hoos rolled over VMI 48-7. VMI is like Virginia’s Presbyterian so not much to go on except Virginia avoided the dreaded FCS loss in ’10. The ACC season starts this week for the Cavaliers with Florida State.

11)..(8)..Wake Forest Demon Deacons…2-2 (1-1 ACC)
The Deacs were contained by a surprisingly dominate FSU D, but it was basically the same story for Wake – little to no defense. They will face a swarm of angry bees Saturday night with Johnson’s Jackets coming out of an embarrassing home loss.

12)..(12)..Duke Blue Devils…………………………1-3 (0-0 ACC)
Renfree leads the ACC in passing (barely) over Russell Wilson, but he did his team no favors against Army with 3 INTs (two to start the game that led to 2 Army TDs right off the bat) and a fumble in the 35-21 beatdown. How about that team Coach K has this year – they’re gonna be good.

How would you rank ‘em? Opinions on this weekend’s game? Matchups you’re looking forward too next week?