ACC Football Bloggers Roundtable: The Aftermath

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Oh well, could be worse.

The guys at From the Rumble Seat are hosting this week’s roundtable – be sure to check out the chart-and-graph-filled roundup there Wednesday.

1.  Enough with the MVP’s and the National Title Talk…  What ACC
teams are going to be bowl eligible by November?  Who will be left out
in the cold?

Definitely bowlin’ – Clemson, Boston College, Florida State, Georgia Tech, and Miami.

Probably bowlin’Virginia Tech, at 0-2 , there has to be some doubt right now. North Carolina, the offense impressed me enough to think they’re safe bowl-eligibility-wise, but these investigations are such a wild card.

Bubblicious bowlin’Maryland, I want to believe, and the schedule really shapes up well, but I want to see the Terps against a little tougher competition. NC State, again, the Wolfpack are right there with the Terps with the top OOC wins for the ACC – can they sustain it over the season? I see this as an either/or and the Terps have the inside track right now.

2.  What team performance (or lack thereof) this weekend shocked you
the most?  What individual’s performance impressed/depressed you the

It’s hard to look past the defensive effort against James Madison by Virginia Tech. The Hokies stopped a number of Dukes’ drives, but on the scoring hits, the Dukes had their way. Just hard to explain how a Bud Foster D got manhandled by an FCS team in Lane Stadium.

On the positive end, Wake’s Tanner Price caught my eye with 4 total TDs on 246 total yards in the guns-a-blazin’ shootout in Winston-Salem Saturday. Grobe seems determined to stay with the 2-QB offense, but we’ll see who gets the reps against Stanford.

3.  The ACC is fifth out of the Big 6 conferences in terms of out of
conference winning percentage.  Is this a function of a difficult out
of conference schedule or are we legitimately the 2nd worst conference
in the BCS?

Are we really just the second worst BCS conference? Sweet!

But seriously, I’d lean towards putting the losses on the ACC teams rather than the schedule. Not the big trips to Norman and Columbus, but everything else, VT/Boise, Georgia Tech/Kansas, and VT/James Madison should have been Ws under the circumstances. The ACC will deservedly be in the running for worst BCS conference until FCS/bad FBS team losses begin to cease and the national spotlight games are won at a higher rate (or a rate at all).

4. James Madison’s victory was the 13th I-AA victory over an ACC squad
since 1984 (out of 160 total games).  It was also the 5th I-AA victory
over a I-A opponent in 2010.  Is it really worth scheduling I-AA
opponents to start the season particularly I-AA juggernauts like App.
State, James Madison, or Villanova?

If I’m scheduling, I take the Clemson approach of scheduling in-state, okay but not great FCS teams. Now, Virginia Tech scheduled their I-81 Commonwealth compadre in James Madison, but the Dukes were certainly no flukes (alliteration and rhyming FTW!). Virginia Tech really seemed to have scheduling issues in 2010 as you have James Madison 5 days after Boise – and the fact that Beamer didn’t know about all of the returning starters for the Broncos upon agreeing on the Labor Day matchup.

5. Have your expectations for the 2010 season or your team’s place in
the ACC changed after Week 2’s round of games?


I believe I said six, SIX final top 25 teams for the ACC. Right now, I’d take 3 in a heartbeat. Wasn’t optimistic on national title contenders or many top ten teams, but I thought the ACC had a number of solid teams that could sneak in the final poll

But for overall bowl teams, the conference probably won’t take that much of a hit – still think 7-8 bowl teams is a strong possibility. How they do in those bowls in another story though.

6.  What’s a bigger mismatch: You vs. Ralph Friedgen in a competitive
eating matchup or the Iron Dukes versus Nick Saban on Saturday?

It all depends on the food item – I have the competitive eater build – maybe a little taller than most, but I’d have to say the Blue Devils on this one. After 500 yards given up to Wake, you know Saban will be carrying the SEC flag into Wallace Wade to plant permanently with a big number.

How many ACC teams do you see bowling? Biggest disappointment/surprise from the weekend? Hit us up with your thoughts and be sure to check out From the Rumble Seat for the complete recap…

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