BREAKING: Interesting things said at ACC spring teleconference

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BC's Spaziani certainly didn't win the teleconference. (Pic per

Thanks to Twitter – finding the relevant information out of a big media teleconference is made easier. Here’s a sampling of the major tidbits from Twitter updates and articles…

No QB job for you, Russell Wilson!

Apparently, Tom O’Brien isn’t going to entertain the Russell Wilson taking QB job back talk this fall. At. All.

HD’s transcript:

How much of an internal debate was it for you to say, ‘Even though I have a quarterback who could break ACC passing records, I’m going to sit him on the bench, and I’m ok with that?

TOB: I’m not sitting him on the bench. He made a choice to play baseball. That was his choice, choosing a baseball career. I don’t know if he’s going to sit on the bench. I have no idea what the outlook is. So we’re moving forward. That was the decision we made a long time ago.

Didn’t you say, though, that if he came back, he would be the backup?

TOB: That’s where he’s going to be.

Isn’t that the same thing as sitting the bench?

TOB: You can call it what you want to do, but that was the decision that was made then. We can’t be beholden to outside interests of who’s going to run our football program.

Of course, this is pretty ridiculous. If Wilson comes back, I can’t imagine he immediately goes to the bench.

But O’Brien’s saying what he needs to – and if Wilson sticks with baseball-only, it looks like the right call to unequivocally stick with Glennon.

Miami QB battle predictably goes on – need depth on D, WR…

@ACCSports: Golden on QB competition – “It’s going to go right up until the middle of August.”

@Manny_Navarro#UM coach Al Golden said team needs to create depth on D in the fall and at WR, which had a lot of injuries in spring

Spaz says Montel Harris’ knee injury rehab is a ’saga’ – don’t expect anything dramatically different from O…

@ACCSports: Spaz on Montel Harris – (long pause) “That’s an ongoing saga. That’s where we are with that.”

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem like a good thing for one of the ACC’s top running backs.

@ACCSports: Spaz on new OC Kevin Rogers – “I don’t think the offense will be that much different … we’re not going to the spread …”

Uh, isn’t the idea of bringing in a new OC, after finishing 109th in total offense, to be a lot different? Probably on both statements here – Spaz is bitten by his own brutal honesty, and loyalty/respect to former OC Gary Tranquill. Still, it’s not a good look.

No one B-back standing out for Georgia Tech – Washington creating separation at No. 1 QB…

@ACCSports: Paul Johnson – 4-5 guys can fill in at the B back position for Georgia Tech. Bad news for ACC fantasy FB players.

@FSUROCKER: Paul Johnson on Tevin Washington “At this time he has a significant edge”

FSU has found their center out of a injury-riddled spring…

@IraSchoffel: Only real news from Jimbo Fisher portion of ACC teleconference: Jacob Fahrenkrug has a home at center. Came in as a guard.

More on Fahrenkrug in this Orlando Sentinel blog.

@FSUROCKER: Quotes from ACC Spring Tele-Conference with Jimbo Fisher

Randy Edsall shockingly reveals that the Terps will be…

@ACCSports: Ahh, Maryland will be “multiple” on both sides of the ball. Translation – “I’m not telling you anything.”

Frank Beamer says David Wilson is…

@FSUROCKER: Frank Beamer on David Wilson: “I think he’s better than ever”

UNC looking for LBs…

@FSUROCKER: “We have to find a third starting LB and Depth” -Butch Davis

Duke is young, really young on D…

@ACCSports: Cutcliffe – 10 DL will be either freshmen or redshirt freshmen …

Not literally (we hope)…

@FSUROCKER: “We have the opportunity to be explosive with this system. Tajh has an explosive arm” -Dabo

Virginia QB carousel…

@TheUVAFool has us covered on the ‘Hoos QBs:

“Ross Metheny is the oldest of all of them and therefore you could say arguably the most experienced. But you gain experience by playing in games and he’s played in a lot of games. Just being around Coach [Bill] Lazor for a while and being here before that the QB position, understanding coverages and where to go with the ball and different decision-making processes. He does that well.”

“Rocco comes from a dad that coached him as a QB. They’d come to our camps, our 7-on-7 camps, and his school (Liberty Christian) would win every 7-on-7 camp against any team from Maryland, DC, Atlanta, wherever they went, because he was a good decision maker.”

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