2011 ACC Blogger Football Preview – Past Picks

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Frank Spaziani's Eagles were my most underrated team in '09 and overrated last season (Pic per OrangeandWhite.com).

With ACC baseball over, non-stop ACC football coverage to come on ACC Blogger. Right now, I’m in week five of my look through the ACC schedule for my team by team and overall predictions.

So, I’ve got a little bit to go before I know where I’m placing teams this season. Figured I would look back at where I’ve gone wrong (and right) the last couple seasons here first…

2010 ACC Predictions


Florida State Seminoles 7-1 (10-2 overall)
Boston College Eagles 6-2 (10-2 overall)
Clemson Tigers 6-2 (9-3 overall)
Maryland Terrapins 3-5 (5-7 overall)
NC State Wolfpack 2-6 (6-6 overall)
Wake Forest Demon Deacons 1-7 (3-9 overall)


Virginia Tech Hokies 6-2 (9-3 overall)
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 5-3 (9-3 overall)
Miami Hurricanes 5-3 (8-4 overall)
North Carolina Tar Heels 4-4 (8-4 overall)
Duke Blue Devils 2-6 (4-8 overall)
Virginia Cavaliers 1-7 (4-8 overall)

ACC Championship Pick: Florida State

Actual standings


1) Florida State Seminoles 6-2 (10-4 overall) [Got it!]
2) Maryland Terrapins 5-3 (9-4 overall) [Two spots and three wins off]
3) NC State Wolfpack 5-3 (9-4 overall) [Two spots and two wins off]
4) Boston College Eagles 4-4 (7-6 overall) [Two spots and four regular season wins off]
5) Clemson Tigers 4-4 (6-7 overall) [Two spots and three wins off in the wrong way)
6) Wake Forest Demon Deacons 1-7 (3-9 overall) [Record/place spot on]


1) Virginia Tech Hokies 8-0 (11-3 overall) [Nailed it!]
2) Miami Hurricanes 5-3 (7-6 overall) [Picked ‘em 3rd – with 8 wins]
3) North Carolina Tar Heels 4-4 (8-5 overall) [Picked ‘em 4th – with 8 regular season Ws]
4) Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 4-4 (6-7 overall) [Picked ‘em 2nd – with 9 regular Ws]
5) Virginia Cavaliers 1-7 (4-8 overall) [Picked ‘em last – record correct]
6) Duke Blue Devils 1-7 (3-9 overall) [Picked ‘em 5th – with 4 Ws]

ACC Champ: Virginia Tech [Took FSU]

Most overrated: Boston College.

Most underrated: Maryland.

On the mark: FSU, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest.

2009 ACC Predictions

ACC Atlantic

  1. Florida State Seminoles(8-4, 6-2 ACC)
  2. North Carolina State Wolfpack(9-3, 5-3 ACC)
  3. Clemson Tigers(9-3, 5-3 ACC)
  4. Wake Forest Demon Deacons(8-4, 4-4 ACC)
  5. Maryland Terrapins(6-6, 3-5 ACC)
  6. Boston College Eagles(5-7, 2-6 ACC)

ACC Coastal

  1. Virginia Tech Hokies(10-2, 6-2 ACC)
  2. Miami Hurricanes(8-4, 5-3 ACC)
  3. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets(9-3, 5-3 ACC)
  4. North Carolina Tar Heels(8-4, 4-4  ACC)
  5. Virginia Cavaliers(4-8, 2-6 ACC)
  6. Duke Blue Devils(5-7, 2-6 ACC)

ACC Championship Pick: Virginia Tech

Actual Standings

ACC Atlantic

  1. Clemson Tigers (9-5, 6-2 ACC) [Off two spots, one regular season W off]
  2. Boston College (8-5, 5-3 ACC) [Off four spots, three regular season W off]
  3. Florida State Seminoles (7-6, 4-4 ACC) [Two off, two regular season W off]
  4. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (5-7, 3-5 ACC) [Right spot, three wins off]
  5. NC State Wolfpack (5-7, 2-6 ACC) [Three spots, four Ws off]
  6. Maryland Terrapins (2-10, 1-7 ACC) [One spot, four Ws off]

ACC Coastal

  1. Georgia Tech (11-3, 7-1 ACC) [Regular season record good, two spots off]
  2. Virginia Tech Hokies (10-3, 6-2 ACC) [Record good, one spot off]
  3. Miami Hurricanes (9-4, 5-3 ACC) [One spot, one W off]
  4. North Carolina Tar Heels (8-5, 4-4 ACC) [Spot on]
  5. Duke Blue Devils (5-7, 3-5 ACC) [ACC record, spot off by one]
  6. Virginia Cavaliers (3-9, 2-6 ACC) [Off by one W, spot]

ACC Champ: Georgia Tech [Took VT]

Most overrated: Florida State.

Most underrated: Boston College.

On the mark: Wake Forest, UNC.

In the last two years of picks at ACC Blogger by team…

BC – Oversold in 2010 by two spots and way undersold in 2009 by four spots.

Clemson – Picked them two higher in ’10 and two lower in ’09, when they won the Atlantic.

Duke – Had ‘em at fifth in 2010 when they finished last, and the inverse in 2009.

FSU – Was right on the Atlantic Division champ pick, but wrong on ACC Championship. Picked them to win the Atlantic in ’09 and was off by two spots.

GT – Like Clemson, two spots over in 2010 and two spots under the year before when they won the ACC.

MD – Undersold by two places last season – oversold by one in 2009.

MIA – Picked them third when they finish second in ’10 – the reverse in ’09.

UNC – Undersold by one spot in ’10 – spot on in ’09 with the fourth place finish.

NC State – Undersold two years in a row – by two spots last season and three in 2009.

UVa – Had ‘em at sixth in 2010 when they finished fifth, and the inverse in 2009.

VT – Was right on the Coastal pick, but undersold when it came to the ACCCG. Picked them in ’09, but the Jackets won it that season.

Wake – Picked the Deacs’ place correctly both seasons.

Check back with us all summer as we’re working on our most detailed ACC team by team and overall previews yet…

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