2012 ACC Blogger Basketball Preview: The Picks/All-ACC Team

Posted by Brandon Rink on November 2, 2012 under ACC Basketball | Read the First Comment

Duke was the ACC favorite for 40 percent of our voters (Pic per OrangeandWhite.com).

It’s ACC basketball preview time on ACCBlogger.com, where our panel of bloggers analyze the conference team-by-team with picks…

2012 ACC Blogger Basketball Preseason Poll (Teams previews in links)

1) NC State (3)
2) Duke (2)
3) UNC
4) Florida State
5) Miami
6) Maryland
7) Virginia
8) Clemson
9) Georgia Tech
10) Virginia Tech
T-11) Wake Forest
T-11) Boston College

You can check out team-by-team previews for Nos. 1-6 here and 7-12 here.

For ACC player and rookie of the year, along with the All-ACC – I added the overall media picks for balance it out, and the final tally came out the same…

ACC Player of the Year: NC State forward C.J. Leslie (Also receiving votes: FSU guard Michael Snaer, UNC forward James Michael McAdoo, Miami forward Kenny Kadji, NC State guard Lorenzo Brown).

ACC Rookie of the Year: NC State guard Rodney Purvis (Also receiving votes: Maryland forward Shaquille Cleare, Duke guard Rasheed Sulaimon).

First Team All ACC: FSU guard Michael Snaer, NC State guard Lorenzo Brown, UNC foward James Michael McAdoo, NC State forward C.J. Leslie, Duke forward Mason Plumlee.

Who wins 2012 ACC Player of the Year?

  • C.J. Leslie (NCSU) (27%, 3 Votes)
  • Lorenzo Brown (NCSU) (27%, 3 Votes)
  • James Michael McAdoo (UNC) (27%, 3 Votes)
  • Michael Snaer (FSU) (9%, 1 Votes)
  • Other (name in the comments) (9%, 1 Votes)
  • Kenny Kadji (MIA) (1%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 11

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  • Brandon Rink said,

    ACC picks/All-ACC ballots

    Brandon Rink

    1. NC State
    2. Duke
    3. Miami
    4. UNC
    5. FSU
    6. Virginia
    7. Maryland
    8. Clemson
    9. Virginia Tech
    10. BC
    11. Georgia Tech
    12. Wake Forest

    POY: Michael Snaer
    ROY: Rodney Purvis
    All-ACC: Michael Snaer, Erick Green, Lorenzo Brown, Kenny Kadji, C.J. Leslie.

    Billy Watson

    1. NC State
    2. Duke
    3. UNC
    4. FSU
    5. Maryland
    6. Miami
    7. Clemson
    8. Virginia
    9. Virginia Tech
    10. Georgia Tech
    11. Boston College
    12. Wake Forest

    POY: Leslie
    ROY: Purvis
    All-ACC: Snaer, Brown, James Michael McAdoo, Leslie, Mason Plumlee.

    W. Gustin Vandiford

    1 Duke
    2 NC State
    3 Miami
    4 Florida State
    5 UNC
    6 Maryland
    7 Clemson
    8 Georgia Tech
    9 Virginia
    10 Virginia Tech
    11Wake Forest
    12 Boston College

    POY: Kadji
    ROY: Purvis
    All-ACC: Seth Curry, Snaer, McAdoo, Leslie, Kadji.

    J.J. Greenstein

    1. NC State
    2. Duke
    3. UNC
    4. Florida State
    5. Maryland
    6. Miami
    7. Virginia
    8. Clemson
    9. Georgia Tech
    10. Virginia Tech
    11. Boston College
    12. Wake Forest

    POY: Brown
    ROY: Shaquille Cleare
    All-ACC: Brown, Snaer, Green, Mas. Plumlee, Leslie.

    Griffin Wong

    1. Duke
    2. North Carolina State
    3. North Carolina
    4. Florida State
    5. Miami
    6. Maryland (4th if Dezmine Wells becomes eligible)
    7. Virginia
    8. Clemson
    9. Wake Forest
    10. Georgia Tech
    11. Virginia Tech
    12. Boston College

    POY: McAdoo
    ROY: Rasheed Suliamon
    All-ACC: Durand Scott, Snaer, McAdoo, Leslie, Mas. Plumlee.