So, Maryland’s leaving…

Posted by Brandon Rink on November 19, 2012 under ACC Football, Other ACC Coverage | Comments are off for this article

Adios, Maryland football, and your wacky jerseys, eventually. (Pic per

Well, that escalated quickly.

Random Thoughts…

  • The buzz on Twitter is already UConn as the replacement. Initial reaction is “meh,” but maybe it’s a better option than ya think. Ideally, John Swofford would back up the Brinks truck to South Bend and fast-track the whole Notre Dame as full member thing (it is a thing, right?). Or grab Louisville – I like that move from a football standpoint. Oh well, UConn brings another basketball power, and I saw them come into Clemson and pull out a baseball regional a couple years ago. Football? Yeah, about that, but they did make the Fiesta Bowl not long ago (under Randy Edsall no less!).
  • Well, now CBS is reporting a whole host of Big East teams in “talks” with the ACC, with UConn and Louisville the “clubhouse leaders.” (Please be Louisville)
  • Oh, and now I’m sure it’s open season again for the Big 12 expansion sites/Twitter accounts. Good for them, I wondered how they were doing.

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