Louisville to the ACC, ACC Championship Links

Posted by Brandon Rink on November 28, 2012 under ACC Football | Comments are off for this article

And there's a game this weekend too... (Pic per OrangeandWhite.com)

The ACC voted to add Louisville this morning, in an almost stunningly-football-related move.

I was in favor of it from the get-go, but pleasantly surprised the conference came around to actually bringing it to fruition.

From a sports standpoint, it’s an upgrade, and they’ve got money, so the Cardinals will be around for awhile too. In terms of TV markets and such, I don’t know much it helps, but I’m glad the ACC actually bent to the will of the football-first teams in adding them (seems to be a trend of late).

There’s a tendency after every realignment move to go – yeah, okay, that’s it – the (insert conference here) is secure now (…or the complete opposite, IT’S JUST THE BEGINNING, STRAP IN!!!!1). I don’t know if the ACC will get raided or add more Big East schools, but like I did with adding Notre Dame recently and Syracuse and Pittsburgh as well – I like the move and think the ACC will become a better league overall for it.

But all that said, I think this is an opportunity to shake up the divisions a bit. With an 8-game conference slate and 14 teams, I’d like to move Georgia Tech to the Atlantic and Louisville into the Coastal. FSU is right down the road and shouldn’t be playing the Jackets once every 4-5 years (outside of the ACC title game). Here’s my new divisions and cross-divisional games (starting in 2014 I presume)…

Atlantic (Cross-divisional opponent)

BC (Pitt)
Clemson (Virginia Tech)
Syracuse (Louisville)
Georgia Tech (Virginia)
Wake Forest (Duke)
Florida State (Miami)
NC State (UNC)

Coastal (Cross-divisional opponent)

Pitt (BC)
Louisville (Syracuse)
Miami (FSU)
UNC (NC State)
Virginia Tech (Clemson)
Duke (Wake Forest)
Virginia (GT)

Oh, there’s a game this weekend too…

  • 12/01/12 No. 13 FSU (10-2) v. Georgia Tech (6-6) / 8:00 ET / ESPN

Bringing the Noise: The big news of the week is FSU defensive coordinator Mark Stoops accepting the Kentucky job, but he is expected to coach Saturday. The Orlando Sentinel’s Coley Harvey breaks down the Jackets. A-back Orwin Smith is expected to play after injuring an ankle against Duke. And it broke early in the week, but FSU’s Tank Carradine is out after tearing an ACL against Florida.

Must-See Matchup: FSU v. itself

The ‘Noles last trip to the Tar Heel State left them their first loss (17-16 State), and they come off a demoralizing defeat to Florida in a number of ways. Georgia Tech isn’t the team to face unfocused, matching their No. 1 in the ACC rushing attack (323.3 YPG) against FSU’s No. 1 rush ‘D’ (85.1 YPG). The ‘Noles have the talent to control the tempo of the game and roll to the Orange Bowl, but after suffering their first home loss – Stoops leaving – Carradine going down…it wouldn’t be surprising if the game goes down to the wire.

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