ACC Football Talk: Labor Day Football

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Terps' D face quite a challenge today with Navy's triple option attack. (Photo: Vince Salamone)

Join us and other ACC bloggers for a Virginia Tech-Boise State live chat starting around 7:30 tonight!

We’ll drop some thoughts on MD/Navy and Boise State-Virginia Tech throughout the night here and on Twitter so stop here, there, and ACC Blitz at 7:30.

ACC Blogger Gameday Central

  • Terps 17 Midshipmen 14, FINAL. In a word, INSANE. Navy had all the momentum – including a questionable facemask call, and on 4th down with inches to the win, Maryland stuffed the Heisman candidate Dobbs at the line. The Terps now sit at 1-0 with the win over a solid independent – a world away from the 2-10 disaster of 2009. As for the ACC, now the conference is 10-1 with all eyes on Boise-Virginia Tech at 8:00 to possibly cap off an outstanding start to the season.
  • Terps 17 Midshipmen 14, 7:50 to go. Terps retake the lead after some solid defensive stands, QB misadventures, and a punter knocking through his first career FG. Going to be fun from here on out. Navy might just be shook offensively as Dobbs looked hurt coming off the field last time.
  • Terps 14 Midshipmen 14, end 3rd quarter. And finally, the Mids tie it up after so many missed chances. Navy should be up by 10-14+ by now, but the Terps have forced some huge fumbles. The Terps just were stumped again on a drive and have to give Navy the ball back – the next two possessions of the ball are game in Baltimore.
  • Terps 14 Midshipmen 7 at the half. Navy’s last series just was a disaster as they gave up sure points near the goalline. They ran up the middle against terrible odds with Dobbs – fumbled, and were left with a second to kick a FG and couldn’t get it off. Their coach, with a name I’m not going to attempt to spell, wasn’t pleased with the officials, but I’d put the blame on poor execution/communication on the play. Early on, the explosiveness of the Maryland running game really put Navy on its heels. SCACCHoops‘ stats have them down for 9.3 yards-a-carry and 177 yards/2 TDs. The Moten Superman-esque jump over the Navy o-line at the MD goalline kept the Terps on top earlier on in the second quarter – big, big play. Maryland’s first drive out of the second half could be the difference between a W or an L as Navy is coming – the Terps have to match them on the scoreboard.
  • Over ten minutes in, and we have a surprising 14-0 Terps start – behind an amazing running game thus far. Maryland already has 134 rushing yards and 2 TDs on the ground between the 3-headed monster of the QB Robinson and the RB duo of Scott and Meggett. The o-line is just mauling Navy so far.
  • We picked Navy 31-24 and the Hokies 27-23 – I expect two really good games today – more thoughts on the games here.

ACC Blogger Gameday – 09/04 – Recap

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It’s gameday and we’ll be posting thoughts throughout the day – so come on back and check it out along with our Twitter feed below…

* Check out our column from Clemson/North Texas yesterday – our updates on the day are on the Tweet feed below. Just a few thoughts on the ACC day…

  • Before the game, I wrote them off, and was surprised by their 10-7 lead in the second quarter – then LSU reeled off 23 points for a 30-10 lead at the half, and I wrote them off again. But somewhere while in transit from Clemson to my house yesterday, the Heels made a comeback and we all watched in shock as UNC found themselves in the red zone with shot(s) to win the the game – and therefore fire Les Miles. But Pianalto couldn’t pull in the big grab and T.J. Yates final pass fell to the ground as well.
  • There have been fire Butch Davis columns today and HD covered the unfortunate decisions of UNC’s suspended players to make the trip to the ATL – and we all really struggle to know how to feel about this game. On one hand, the Tar Heels program got in that position by having players accept improper benefits – so it’s not like they are gutting out a win from injuries. But, the guys who did play by the rules were on the field, and they had a lot of fight for a team that could have just forfeited the opener and moved on in the season. Some credit goes to Davis, and a lot of credit goes to guys like T.J. Yates that kept cool despite the adversity and put them in a position to win.
  • Quick hits on the rest: FSU, NC State, Virginia, BC and Duke all took care of business against FCS opponents – all pretty impressively to boot. What does FSU/Samford mean for FSU/Oklahoma? Your guess is as good as mine, but 59 points isn’t a bad way to go into Norman.
  • Most of my thoughts on Clemson/NT are linked above, but you could tell the defense was disappointed. DeAndre McDaniel just pointed to their next performance – his coach gave the Mean Green credit, but the body language was a little downcast as they expected better than giving up 462 total yards, especially because MLB Corico Hawkins talked up being the top rushing D in the nation earlier in the week.
  • On offense, Parker had solid protection, and his receivers did eventually step up with big plays – especially Brandon Clear and Jaron Brown. The RB duo of Ellington/Harper were thoroughly impressive from start to finish as Harper looked as good as I’ve seen him at Clemson and Ellington just picked up where he left off from ‘09.
  • Man, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s games – two real tests for the ACC out-of-conference with Navy and Boise State.
  • Thanks for stopping by and we’ll be all over the Labor Day games with our first post-game week ACC Power Poll after that!

* Hello live from Clemson! Big blowouts so far in the ACC with FSU up 56-6, Georgia Tech up 20-3, and BC up 31-10. Clemson and North Texas are warming up as the seats begin to fill up here. Beyond Parker being back, there’s a lot of buzz about the kicker in Clemson, and all eyes will be on redshirt freshman Chandler Catanzaro. I’ll be interested to see how he does in his first game performance as apparently he’s been lights-out in practice. Kickoff returns will be another “special” thing to watch as the Tigers replace Spiller.

ACC Blogger Live: Coaches/Media at ACC Football Kickoff

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Dabo Swinney will be taking questions about that Kyle Parker guy today.

Day two at the ACC Football Kickoff and we’ll be keeping track via streaming video at 3:30 and the copious amounts of tweets coming from Greensboro with our and your commentary mixed in.