2011 ACC Tourney Live Blog – Day Three

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It’s Semi-Saturday with Clemson/UNC at 1 p.m. and Duke/Virginia Tech around 3:20-3:30 or so – we’re live-blogging it as we have all ACC Tournament with ACC Rivals…join in!

ACC Tourney Day Two: March Madness for Sure

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Both Clemson and BC entered with a solid shot at the NCAA Tourney - the Tigers' came out alive.


Freaking. Wild.

That’s the 2011 ACC Tournament so far.

You thought that the Miami final-minute, double-digit comeback was something yesterday?

Enter a buzzer-beater layup to stave off major upset from UNC, and an overturned FSU buzzer-beater to cap the night off – vaulting  the Hokies towards NCAA Tourney bid status (finally) – and the ‘Noles back towards a falling stock in seeding.

Madness – but boy, was it fun.

Thoughts on day two at the ACC Tournament…

Quarterfinal Friday Giveth and Taketh Away NCAA Bids

Clemson – in after a thorough beating of BC.

Virginia Tech – looking pretty good at 21-10 (9-7 ACC) after pulling victory from the jaws of defeat against FSU.

Boston College – odd one out after getting drilled Friday.

Of course, we had this pegged Sunday – and in dramatic fashion Friday night, it came to fruition.

The Hokies have been about as unlucky as any team in the nation the last few years, and the ‘Noles decided to give them a break. FSU should have won that game – not because of a faulty review or Delaney stepping out of bounds on the preceding play…they should have won because Virginia Tech was playing terrible for most of the game and were on the ropes. Their missed opportunity is the Hokies and ACC’s gain.

BC, quite frankly, deserves to be left out after whatever that was in Greensboro Friday afternoon. Not much else to say there except it’s hard to win when only a couple guys come to play.

And Clemson did exactly what they needed to do in win, and even more, with the margin of victory. Short of a blowout tomorrow by UNC, they’re good.

The ACC is looking at 5 NCAA bids, which even the most optimistic of fans, could barely have dreamed up a couple weeks agao.

Miami Pulls a Virginia and UNC Pulls a Miami

They had it.

Then Reggie Johnson got his fourth foul.

Then Kendall Marshall started scoring.

Then UNC seemingly couldn’t miss.

Then nobody on Miami stepped up at the end – Marshall did with a brilliant feed to Zeller for the gamewinner.

It was a thoroughly entertaining game to take in from the ‘Boro.

Ultimately, UNC played like a confident No. 1 seed down the stretch after struggling with Miami’s zone all game – the Hurricanes played like a No. 9 seed that was overachieving and didn’t have the extra gear at the end.

Just as aside, one thing kinda stuck in my craw. About 8 minutes in, UNC was struggling and Williams was ready to make a point…by inserting the gang of benchriders affectionately called “Blue Steel.”

The crowd went nuts as they played around 2 minutes.

Look, I appreciate they work hard, and Roy is sending his starters a message – my problem is more with the fans.

There wasn’t a louder cheer the entire game until the buzzer-beater then for the Blue Steel entrance.

How should Kendall Marshall feel about that? Or Harrison Barnes? Tyler Zeller?

They are the ones that have played well enough to take the ACC regular season crown and earn a No. 1 seed in the ACC Tournament. Why aren’t they getting that kind of support? It’s a minor thing, but overall, it left a bad taste in my mouth and I wouldn’t blame the players if they felt a little slighted.

OMG Another Duke Toe Injury!

Virginia Tech is gonna be gassed tomorrow – so this is more of a Championship Sunday issue to me…Nolan Smith, injured his toe, and will probably be at least discomforted if he does play the rest of the weekend – for the Blue Devils’ sake, healed come next week.

Duke has to sit Smith if they think it’s something he can aggravate further this tournament before the big one next week.

They’ll be in trouble for sure against UNC or Clemson – possibly even tomorrow against the Hokies.

Duke found a way to win though with just 7 from him on the night healthy – in 31 minutes of play. The injury overshadows Singler’s big game a bit as he racked up 29 points, 9 rebounds and hit 9/9 free throws on the night. Blue Devils had five in double-digits total and almost shot 50% against Maryland.

Before we say goodbye to those Terps, Jordan Williams had a monster night with 16 points and 16 rebounds.

Back to the Blue Devils, I picked them to win this thing – feeling not so great about that after today’s proceedings…Singler will have to carry Duke on his back a couple more games for another ACC title – and I don’t know if he’s cut out for that this season (scored 10 in Durham and 8 in Chapel Hill against the Heels).

Oh, and Kyrie Irving suited up today pregame, didn’t play, so there’s that.

2011 ACC Tourney Live Blog – Day Two

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I’m tweeting it live from Greensboro and the staff of writers at @ACCRivals & friends have the day in ACC basketball covered starting around noon today…

Session Three

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